Needs, Goals, Intentions, Motivations

I can help you if you need 

  • Self care inspiration

  • Motivation to practice

  • Support and guidance

  • Self awareness skills

  • Breath and body movement training

  • Practices to calm and balance body and mind 

  • Trauma recovery and support practices

  • Break the cycle of stress  

Attending one of my classes you can hope to benefit from a therapeutic and holistic approach with priority attention to understanding and developing your needs and goals.

I participate in ongoing study and are up to date with the latest research into Trauma for healing.  My classes are generally a blend of Tai chi and Yoga mindfulness using yoga postures and movement to increase your self awareness of your breath and energy.

You can expect to develop skills of noticing, exploring choices and choice evaluation to build positivity, trust, self-awareness and respect through the principals of Trauma Sensitive Yoga at the same time increase natural body movement slowly and safely.


With over 20 years of focused yoga experience and training I incorporate many Yoga styles, Tai Chi movement and Conscious Dance. I am passionate and committed to deepening my therapeutic yoga practice with ongoing study and consistent regular practice.

Treatment of Trauma, Addiction, Anxiety and Depression with evidence-based Yoga and Mindfulness
Trauma is defined as
a psychological emotional response to an event or an experience that is deeply distressing  

Trauma based conditions cover a wide range of conditions categorised as Complex,

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTDS) & Developmental Trauma. 

Research indicates that Yoga and Mindfulness can be used to break the cycle of stress, negative emotions, cravings, drug seeking and addictive behavior by creating a sense of self-awareness, self-control and self-realisation.